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If you are single, and have been looking for that perfect someone for quite some time now and you believe that your soulmate is still out there waiting for you somewhere, this Guided Meditation session may be able to help you find them

 You may find life is hard on your own, and you may really want to find that special someone

Maybe you've achieved everything you want in life, except for finding your perfect partner

Or, you may have had a bad experience with a relationship previously, or are in a relationship right now that does not feel right, and truly beleive there is someone out there who is better suited to you

Many people believe in Soulmates, that there is someone out there who is basically the extension of you, that has the soul that is perfectly matched to yours, and belongs with yours 

The aim of this Guided Meditation session is to help you find your soulmate, what some may say, your perfect fit

The speaker will aim to talk you into a relaxed and contented state, with your mind open to the possibility of meeting your soulmate

Once in the meditative state, using visualisation techniques, she will guide you up to the higher realms of consciousness and encourage you to see yourself as your soul rather than your physical embodiment

She will ask you to look around the realm to see if you can see a soul that looks like yours, or something you are drawn to, and if you do, she will encourage you to communicate to them, and places the idea in your consciousness that when you are out of the meditation and back in the day to day reality, you will be drawn to them

Through this communications in the higher realms, the idea is, when you meet or see your soulmate on this plain, you will instantly recognise them, and they will recognise you, and you will only meet when you are both ready to do so

You can use the session as many times as you like, and with each use, the idea is you will be able to connect to your soulmate in the higher realms of consciousness as often as you would wish

Please note, you need to have an open mind to this working for you, and even then the session is not guaranteed to find you your soulmate - but it certainly a good starting point!


After the session, there is a half hour relaxation track. This a beautiful piece of music that can be used to continue meditating, or just simply to help you continue relaxing after your session.

For best effects, the session listen with headphones

Find a quiet space where you will not be disturbed and get yourself comfortable and relaxed

This session can be used even if you have never tried Guided Meditation before, but obviously, would be equally as effective for those of you who already practice meditation regularly. 

Please note! this should NOT be listened to whilst driving!