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Please note, this is a different content to the other Guided Meditation Chakra we sell - the other session concentrates on you gaining ultimate well being through your Chakras by connecting to the healing energy that comes from Mother Earth 

This meditation is for those of you who want to to be guided through the cleansing and balancing of your Chakras and all the layers of your Aura

 This 30 minute session is guided by a soothing female voice whose ultimate aim is not only to talk you through a state of meditation, but to cleanse and balance each Chakra and your Aura 

Get yourself relaxed prior to playing the session as the female voice will take you straight into your meditation, making you aware of the different layers of your Aura and takes you through each of the seven main Chakras (See picture above)

As you can see, they are located through different points in the body, and each relate to a different part of the body

Problems that come up in day to day life such as stress can cause the chakras to become 'unbalanced'  which can manifest itself as a physical illness. This disc will help you restore the balance within the Chakras that need it

The colour of your Aura also reflects you general state of mind and health, and this cd can help cleanse any negativity in your Aura

There are many ways to cleanse your Chakras and your Aura, but guided Meditation has been proven to be one the most effective methods

So, if you've not been feeling yourself for a while, and/or want to try an alternate remedy to pills and 'Western Medicine' in general, why not give this a try?

All you need is a quiet. comfortable space that you won't be interrupted in for at least half an hour

Please note! this Cd should NOT be listened to whilst driving!!

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